Delivery Information


Most delivery problems are attributable to bad management on the side of the Fleet Manager, normally by supplying the driver of a delivery truck with inadequate instructions, and/or the absence of communication with us.    The following is a suggested procedure to address the problem:

Managers of Delivery Vehicles:

  1. 1.It is preferable to phone our office at least 24 hours beforehand and advise of the estimated time of arrival, to ensure prompt delivery: +27 12 819 8000.  Keep us informed of any changes.

  2. 2. The map to our premises is downloadable and printable by clicking the icon top right hand side of this page.

  3. 3.Explain to the delivery personnel that Champ’s Choice Feeds is part of Weldhagen Boerdery.

  4. 4.Please ensure that your delivery personnel has the applicable order number for the delivery at hand.

  5. 5.Please take note of Delivery Hours and plan deliveries accordingly.

  6. 6.Ensure your driver has a map.  At the very least, SMS them a copy of the route description as it appears on our map. Or copy & paste it from this page - see below.

  7. 7.Take note of the responsibilities of delivery personnel and ensure they are informed as such

Drivers of Delivery Vehicles:

  1. 1.When a delivery truck arrives at the farm it needs to report to the Main Office, which is on the right hand side of the road (See Weldhagen Eggs on the Map).  It is not necessary to drive into the main office complex.  They can merely stop next to the road and go the intercom at the main gate and announce their presence,  before continuing to the entrance to Champ’s Choice Feeds feed mill, 50m further on the Left.  The office will inform the Feed Mill Supervisor to open the gate

  2. 2.Delivery personnel should not go to the gate for CCF without reporting at the main office, as  nobody will open the gate for them, even if they hoot or “phone a friend”. 

  3. 3.Present the Receiver with all documents, including the applicable Order Number.

Delivery Hours:

Monday to Thursday:  07h00 to 15h30

Friday: 07h00 to 15h00

(Deliveries that arrive before said times will be offloaded)

Please take note that no deliveries will be offloaded outside the above hours.  We have safe & secure parking for trucks to park with ablution facilities for drivers.

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